Emo Comfort PillowEmo Comfort Pillow

Looking for a better nights sleep? You are in the right place. This unisex pillow makes a great gift for any occasion. Also a great product for your baby to keep them from rolling while sleeping! Please feel free to message us for any questions.

The Sleep You've Been Dreaming of!

As a career registered nurse for 26 years, I have enjoyed caring for countless patients. I've worked in almost every aspect of patient care, including caring for sweet little babies and even expanding to the areas of reflexology and massage therapy. Wanting to apply my experience to reach and help as many people as possible I designed the Emo-Comfort Pillow. There was a common need in all three areas that I had become familiar with. Sleep and comfort while sleeping was always an issue with my patients. Whether it was an expecting mother, or CEO, they were experiencing difficulty getting a good nights rest and waking up still feeling tired and achy from sleeping in a bad position.

Testing my design for the perfect pillow myself and getting positive feedback from some friends and family I knew I was on to something. And now Etsy has provided me with an avenue to get my product out to the world! I am so exited to know that people will be getting the rest they need and deserve with my pillow!

Emo Comfort Pillow Pink Emo Comfort Pillow Pink
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